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Wooden boats

In the wood workshop we have all the tools to make the most efficient job possible. The shipbuilding hall is equipped with a large humidifier, so that your boat does not burst apart.
We do everything within wood, some before and after photos

Ariel a 5-Metre

Ariel before
Ariel after we have removed the superstructure

Ariel after
After the new interior and deck, it's time for Ariel to leave us

Lisbeth V a 6-Metre

Lisbeth V before
After much sanding, etc.

Lisbeth V after
Time to get get in the water

Ondine a Udell 22 square meter


Changed frame and rib

New deck and cabin roof

Sanding and varnish. After that, it's time to get in the water

Per Schelin test sail her

Chris Craft Commander

Chris Craft Commander
When the boat came from the United States, the hull was painted white with a hard plastic paint, with the result that the wood had dry rot. Total scraping the outside, repairing the rot at 25 locations in the hull, and several places around the cabin.

Chris Craft Commander
New cabin sole

Chris Craft Commander
Finally in the water


Manufacturing mast
Manufacture of wooden masts for a M25

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